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Sweet juicy peaches from Chambersburg PA!


Number of peaches per order varies based on the size of the crop, because they are sold by volume not counts. Early varieties are usually smaller (baseball size), and some later varieties are larger (nearing softball size). 


You can pre-order peaches by the peck, half peck and quarter peck. 

    Half bushel = 2 pecks = 4 half pecks = 8 quarter pecks


A half bushel can run anywhere from about 60 peaches to about 40 peaches if they are really big. As an example, here are how the quantities could be for medium sized peaches:


    Half bushel = about 50 - 60 peaches

    Peck = about 25 - 30 peaches

    Half Peck = about 13 - 16 peaches

    Quarter Peck = about 6 - 8 peaches


Chambersburg Peaches

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