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Data-Driven Decision Making for Flower Farmers

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Data is all around us. How do we take that data and use it to make better business decisions? In this course, you will learn how to break down business decisions and opportunities into manageable questions, then apply data and analytics to help answer those questions. Example scenarios we will discuss: As a beginning flower farmer, you might have a choice between selling your flowers at three different farmers markets on the same day of the week, but you know you can only attend one. Which one should you join? You are an urban farmer and you have the opportunity to expand your growing area on a neighboring lot. Do you rent the lot? How much rent can you afford and still be profitable? How should you lay out the new field? Your florist customers have expressed interest in buying several varieties of fancy tulips from you. Do you grow them? Your prices for your flowers are higher than what they might pay for the same variety of flower from a large wholesaler. How do you use data to help them make the decision to buy your flowers at your prices?

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