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Chambersburg Peaches

  * Sold out for 2022 *  

Direct from the orchard in Chambersburg, PA! We will have peaches at the Greensburg Night Market on Thursday July 28 and Thursday August 25, from 5:30pm - 9pm, while supplies last.


In order to give everyone a chance to buy peaches at the Night Market, we are only selling small quantities at the market (single peaches up to a half peck/about 15 peaches).

Half pecks as well as larger quantities (peck, half bushel) are available by preorder for pick up at our farm in Norvelt, near the Westmoreland County Fairgrounds.

If you would like to preorder your peaches for pick up outside of the market, please select your pick up date (Saturdays from 9am - noon: July 30, August 27) and order size (half bushel, peck, half peck). See the product description for explanation of sizes and approximate number of peaches.

We buy fresh-picked peaches from the orchard, and they will likely still be a little hard. That's a good thing! It means they will last longer because you can store most of your peaches in the refrigerator, and let just a few ripen at a time. To ripen them, set a few