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Help Wanted

We are hiring for the 2023 season! Please apply below.

* The farm is located in Norvelt, PA (USA). Local applicants only please *

These positions are part-time seasonal with flexible work hours. Our season runs from late February through early November. Farm hours of operation are Monday - Saturday from 7am - dark. 


Farm Worker ($15 / hour)

Looking for several part-time seasonal farm workers. Typical tasks include flower bed preparation (including raking, shoveling and moving dirt), weeding, planting, weeding, irrigation setup, weeding(!) and harvesting. This is a physical job that requires bending, kneeling, and the ability to lift 25 pounds. Must be willing to get dirty and work outside in various conditions (for example cold mornings and hot afternoons). Flexible schedule - hours and shifts will vary week to week based on the weather and the amount of work to be done (May and June will be very busy!). We expect employees to be reliable and arrive on time for their scheduled shifts.

Flower Handler ($15 / hour)

This person will process the harvested flowers and prepare orders for delivery. Much of this person's time will be spent stripping the leaves from harvested flowers, cutting and bunching the flowers, keeping accurate records of the daily harvests, and filling customer orders for delivery. Must be reliable and arrive on time for shifts. Must be detail-oriented, careful, and understand the fragile nature of flowers. Some familiarity with flowers preferred, but we will teach you on-the-job as well. Must be able to lift 15 pounds and carry flower buckets in and out of the cooler. Flower handler shifts are early morning or late afternoon / evening hours. Additional hours are available if you are willing to help harvest and weed as needed. 

Bucket Washer ($15 / hour)

Looking for one person to wash and dry flower buckets. This job is 4 - 6 hours per week with very flexible hours - we will work with your schedule. This person can also offer to help with other tasks like processing flowers, pulling weeds, etc. for additional work hours as long as the flower buckets are taken care of each week.

Photos from the Farm

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